The Turkish word "keyfi" sums up the special nature of Kalkan. It translates as pleasure, enchantment, delight, bliss, conviviality... all the feelings we hope you will experience during your time here.
Wherever you are in Kalkan you can't help but admire the view, feel relaxed and no matter how many times you have been here, you fall in love again. Kalkan is chic yet understated, authentic yet doesn't try too hard, smart yet never overdressed, warm and hospitable however never intrusive. It really is a uniquely welcoming destination and that's why we call it bliss.
We've spent 15 amazing years in this magical village and we would love you to discover it for yourself... We want to share our experiences of this wonderful place and its special people with you. We also know some of the best places to recommend; places to stay, places to eat and things to do.
Contact us so we can share the dream...